Help people
when they need it the most!

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Help people
when they need it the most!

Download IRO Rescue today

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Send alarm

For you without prior knowledge - Be ready!

With "IRO Rescue" you, as a individual, can send alarms to your surroundings without any prior knowledge. When an accident occurs or if a person is affected by a disease attack, quick and professional efforts can be crucial.

Receive alarm

For you with medical knowledge - Help when needed most

Anyone with any form of health education can submit their proof of education to become part of IRO Rescue. Using the latest technology, those who are registered in the app and are closest to the person or persons who need help can be quickly called to the site.



With "IRO Rescue" you can receive VMA, Important messages to the Public. VMA is a warning system that is used today in accidents and serious events, it is also sent in severe disturbances in important social functions, in times of crisis and during extraordinary events.

Missing persons

Your help is needed when searching for missing persons

As a member of FIKK (Frivilliga Insatser vid Kris och Katastrof), our partner in search of missing persons you can help us in the search of missing people through the app.

Become a member

Become a member by downloading the app and signing up.

Your actions can save lives

- become a member today!

If an accident occurs or someone suddenly falls ill, then fast, professional help may be completely crucial for survival. But sometimes it takes too long for an ambulance to arrive at the scene. Sometimes serious incidents happen on aircraft, passenger ferries or in other locations that may be difficult to reach rapidly. That’s why we need the IRO – the International Rescue Organization.

Everyone who has completed some form of medical training can become a member of the IRO. Using today’s technology, those IRO members who are closest to the location where a person or people need help, can quickly be called to the scene. The more members there are, the greater the assurance of having access to help – everywhere.

How it works

How IRO can help you in a vulnerable situation



The IRO is based on volunteers. Everyone who has completed some form of medical training, such as doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals, firefighters or active first-aiders, can join the IRO.

Members receive a registration number and an ID card. Before membership is approved, the applicant’s training is checked via the country’s register of licensed/registered healthcare professionals. The card then serves as a guarantee, both for the person providing help and the person receiving it.


There is a considerable need for fast assistance in many locations – such as in cities where ambulances may have difficulties reaching their destination rapidly due to traffic congestion, or in rural regions or archipelago areas where the distances driven may be long.

In isolated situations such as on cruise ships and aircraft there may also be a considerable and urgent need for assistance. Nearly two billion people travel by air worldwide every year, and surveys show that 30–40 cases of sudden illness occur every day! That’s why it’s important to quickly contact people with medical training who may be on board.


The IRO uses available technology in the best way possible to rapidly and simply summon the nearest person who can help.

Anyone in the general public who has a smartphone can download a free app and use it to alert the IRO if help is needed. When the alert is activated, the IRO members who are closest to the location of the incident, are alerted on their phones. The alert includes details of the precise geographical position of the location where help is needed. In other words, the system is geographically selective. Everyone is not summoned to all incidents – only those who are already in the area.

The technology is easy to use, no prior knowledge is required. One of our visions is that IRO members will have the option of filling in their IRO registration numbers when they book a plane or ferry ticket, for example. That will let the crew know in advance which of their passengers have medical skills.


The IRO wants to gather all volunteers under the same roof without being limited by national borders. The more members, the more effectively and more safely it will work.

Everyone who becomes a member offers their services voluntarily if an accident or sudden illness occurs. No members are accused of providing insufficient help or no help. In addition, no members can check where other members are or find out which members received an alert about a specific incident.


Haile Mahteme

Haile Mahteme

Adjungerande professor & Klinikchef, kirurgisk avdelning

Detta projekt är värdeskapande, spännande och smarttänkt för en verkligt god sak

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